Mary teaches us


Through Mary to Jesus


Mary shows us the right direction of evangelization. It begins not with looking for methods and strategies but with listening to God's Word. Mary teaches us the simplicity of evangelization, which means opening ourselves to God, to His Word, so that God can act in us and through us. The plan of evangelization contained in the icon is: Through Mary to Jesus. Putting ourselves in the hands of Mary allows us to be obedient to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, helps us to bear witness with strength and zeal, and with great concern for the salvation of all people.

We need the courage that Mary had to let ourselves be led by the Holy Spirit. At the basis of evangelization is the keyword Amen, that is    consent to do God's will, being an instrument in God's hand.

The Icon of Trust is like an open window through which we can see the scene of the Annunciation of Mary and hear Mary's Amen. It is like the breath of the Holy Spirit, which is to awaken people from the lethargy of indifference and ignite human hearts with longing for God and awaken in them the desire to proclaim the Good News about Christ with joy and passion. Let us respond to God's invitation with the words: “Here am I. Send me! (Isaiah 6: 8).

“Here am I. Send me! (Isaiah 6: 8).

The Icon of Trust is like an open window

Mary teaches us true evangelization:

1. Listening to the Word of God.
2. Opening up to God.
3. Discovering the truth about Christ's childhood.
4. Availability towards God.
5. Obedience to God, that is, saying "Amen" to God's will.
6. Total trust in God.
7. Perseverance in implementing God's plans.
8. Being grateful and praising God for everything.
9. Humility, joy and simplicity.
10. Looking at Jesus.
11. Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.
12. Carrying Jesus to others.
13. Concern for the salvation of all people.
14. Missionary service.

Mary teaches us to be ignited by the fire of longing for God.

“Mary arose and went with haste” (Lk 1:39)