Modern media

With the Icon AMEN through modern media to a young man.
The icon of Amen is known not only in the country where it was made. The Icon of Amen is not only known in places where its peregrines were. Thanks to the Internet, it found its way from Denmark to almost every continent of the world. Evangelization in the media is getting more and more popular and it is a way to reach a wide range of people, especially the young.

Everyone has their way, highway or path to God and this is great that each of us God leads differently. Some have to spend many years to understand what is the most important in life and that it isn’t money or travelling but God who IS true Love. We can learn from the elders because they have life experience but also we learn from children. An example might be the teenager who teaches us about the most important things, i.e. the daily Eucharist, which is the highway to Heaven, and the daily prayer of the rosary, which is the most powerful weapon in the fight against the evil spirit. 
His name is Carlo Acutis. He was beatified on October 10, 2020. 

He's a boy for a medal.  Courageous 15-year-old. Brave but not arrogant or vulgar. Courageous because he knew how to admit his mistakes. Ordinary because, like most boys in the 20th century, he liked computer games. Thanks to the careful eye of the parish priest, who noticed his IT skills, he started to create and manage the parish website. In the network where most of his peers were, he began to write about what is most important to him, that is about Jesus and His Mother. He shared his faith like daily bread. He focused on studies on Eucharistic miracles and sent them into the virtual world to evangelize and invite others to discover the living God in the Eucharist and Adoration.

The Eucharist is the highway to heaven.

What way are you going to heaven?

We don't know how many people have come back to Jesus in this way, and we don't need to know it. The message and courage of this teenager who sowed the Gospel in a virtual space becomes important. He prayed the rosary every day. He invited Mary into his everyday life. He especially remembered and recalled Fatima's calls to repentance and the daily prayer of the rosary. And so, with Jesus and Mary, he quickly grew up to Heaven. He called Mary the most beautiful and only woman in his life. He entrusted his chastity to Mary and today he is a testimony to young people who fall very much in the field of chastity. And when he prayed the rosary, he said that he was having a date with Mary. As a 15-year-old boy, he returned to the Father's House through suffering. He offered his pain of leaving this world at such a young age for the Pope, priests and the conversion of sinners.

The life of blessed Carlo is a beautiful story, although, for parents, the death of a child is always a pain and a huge loss. Carlo’s story and his great faith became a guide for many. 

who Carlo is to you after reading this story?

Maybe it will encourage you to write a post on Facebook or a message on Instagram about Mary? Maybe you can give a message about the Icon Amen? Blessed

Today is the day of media evangelisation - why today? Because we are invited to do so by blessed Carlo Acutis. Pass on the Good News about God who lives and loves you.

Katarzyna Szulc SBDNP /Dębica- Poland
Do not be afraid to bear witness to faith in God and to courage others to be joyful and true apostles of Christ. Have the courage to go against the flow and trust in God, like Mary. Take her hand and Mary will help you overcome all difficulties when you put yourself in her care and ask for help.

Together with Mary, we wish to praise God, carrying the joy of the Gospel with haste to all corners of the world, bearing witness to faith in God with the theme of the Icon Amen.

" Mary arose and went with haste" (Lk 1:39)

We want to create a LIVING ICON from testimonies - photos with the Icon Amen at World Youth Days in Lisbon in 2023. We want to document these testimonies on a large screen in the form of the LIVING ICON AMEN.

Join us!

Get up and go bear witness with joy and haste, as did Mary.
s. Teresa/Terezja Piekos SBDNP