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Meaning of the Icon

The entire Icon consists of multi-colored dots, which symbolize all people in the world who are joined by a knot of love into one God's Family - the Church Community.
The Eye of God's Providence. God watches me, longs for me and wants to connect with me.
God created the world by His WORD, but he created man with his hands, which demonstrates his unconditional love for man.
Rays with a dove symbolize the Holy Spirit descending on Mary, who is filled with God’s grace.
The hourglass: The eternal God revealed himself in human history in Jesus Christ. God is Lord over time and eternity. Times passes, eternity waits. Are you prepared to meet God?
The title of the icon, AMEN reflects Mary's words: "Let it be done to me according to Your Word." Mary is prepared to fulfil God's plan.
Mary's eyes look down, expressing humility and complete devotion to God. Her gaze is focused on her son, Jesus Christ.
Mary is as a living tabernacle. She carries Christ, who is God and Man under her heart for 9 months.
The blue colour of the dress is a symbol of Mary’s virginity, and Mary’s red cape represents her divine motherhood.

S. Terezja/Teresa Piękos SBDNP

Author of Ikon Amen and WYD (World Youth Day) project with Ikon Amen

I am a sister of the order and belong to the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Sisters in Dębica Poland.

Right now I belong to the sisters' community in Copenhagen.

My passion is a New Evangelization with symbols that speak to contemporary people

Evangelism Projects for WYD from Denmark

  •  Krakow 2016
  •  anama 2019
  •  Lisbon 2023
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