The Missionary meaning

The missionary meaning of the Icon of Trust

The white dots surrounding the figure of Christ in the icon indicate baptized people, and the dots around the globe indicate that they are sent to the whole world to proclaim the Good News about Christ. Thus, in the Icon of Trust, we can read our mission in the Church of Christ. As Mary and Jesus, we are chosen, called and sent.

CHOSEN - Mary was chosen to be the Mother of the Son of God.
SENT - The Son of God was sent by God into the world to save people.
CALLED - God chooses, calls and sends everyone who is baptized to proclaim the Good News of Christ and His saving mission.
A vocation to holiness.
Missionary vocation.
A call to conversion.

Everyone is called to fulfill God's plan in salvation history.

What's your calling?
What is God calling you to do?
Think about it.

The Amen Icon is a MISSIONARY ICON

The missionary aspect of the Icon of Trust was shown in the movie titled "Missio ICON-THE MISSION OF THE CHURCH OF CHRIST IN THE ICON AMEN" in 25 different languages. For all of us, the model for the missionary attitude is Mary, who hastily took the Good News to Elizabeth and served her with her help for several months. May the icon Amen be a call for us to be active in the Church and to engage in the missionary work of the Church.