About Icon

The icon has a deep symbolism of images and speaks to us.

What is the Icon?

The icon is not an ordinary picture. It has many symbols and each has its own meaning. It can be said that the icon is like a book written in a special language, the language of prayer.
Icons always show religious themes, images of saints or scenes from their lives. They are to help the faithful in prayer.

Have you ever heard of an icon made of dots?

Yes, it may seem extraordinary, but such an icon does exist and is called the Icon of Amen. This icon was made in Denmark by young people from 30 countries from the parish of Saint Anna in Copenhagen under the direction of Sr. Terezja / Teresa Piękoś. Denmark represents many nationalities, so thanks to the participation of young Catholics from all over the world, the Icon of Amen was created. It took a long time spent in prayer and meditation, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to create an image of how such a Marian icon can look like, and only then the young people were invited to create this work.
The author's desire was to express God's plans for us people all over the world, God's longing for us and the role of Mary in the work of God's salvation. The dots mean all the people in the world, everyone can find themselves there. There is a place for everyone, you just have to look and find where your place is, where you are there. This little dot is you and me. Looking at the icon, we see the hands of God holding the whole world. Imagine that those hands of God want to hug you because God loves you so much. The eye of God is looking at you, God sees you everywhere, He longs for you and desires so much that you would want it too.
The world that God created is in the light because God created us as His children and we are to be the light of the world. It means that we are called to live with God in joy and peace, that is, in eternal happiness with God. God so loved all people that He chose Mary as the Mother of His Son Jesus, who came to the earth to save every human being. This is God's plan of salvation. His love goes on, He gives us free will so we can make our own decisions and choices.

There is a darkness beyond the circle of the earth that makes us fear. It is life without God, which is emptiness - it is filled with darkness, fear and dread.

Look and think, what does this icon say to you? 
Did you know that it is God who is talking to you?

Do you hear God calling you by your name, 
"I love you ... more than anything"?

You are my beloved son, you are my beloved daughter.

Yes, you are a beloved child of God, you are called to holiness, to eternal happiness with Him. Heavenly Father remembers you every moment and needs you to fulfill His saving mission.

God wants you to be His right hand, like Mary, to send you also to other people, so that they may all know Christ and be saved.

Are you ready to answer YES to God's call?

Look at the Icon of Amen. It was created during prayer and has depth within itself.
The icon of Amen tells us that
  • God

  • God

  • God

  • God

  • God

  • God

  • God

Listen to what God wants to tell you. Open your heart so that you can feel His presence, His great longing for you, His tenderness and infinite love for you. Look at this icon and read. Give yourself a good time for this.

In today's world, the pace is crazy and we are still running out of time, but have you wondered why this is happening to you?

Maybe it's worth stopping to think about what I'm running for.
What's the point of it all?

You are looking for meaning in your life?

Each person wants to be loved, but not everyone knows and remembers that GOD is the only true Love and ONLY GOD can satisfy our aspirations to achieve true happiness, which is SALVATION, that is, living with God forever.

Jesus is the meaning of your life and mine

Each of us who is baptized is called to be an apostle, to bear witness to Jesus.
This is what the icon is supposed to remind us of and it helps us to be such a sign in our surroundings.
Understand your worth, and accept that God loves you.
In the center of the Icon is Mary, whose eyes are fixed on Jesus. Jesus is the CENTER. Say AMEN like Mary. Entrust your plans to Him. Say Like Mary. Mary will lead you to Jesus. Mary plays an important role in the history of salvation. God loved Mary and chose her to be the Mother of His Son. Thanks to Amen that Mary said for God's plans, the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Mary's Amen changed the fate of the world, the time was fulfilled, and the long-awaited Messiah came to the earth TO SAVE THE WORLD.

Mary wants Jesus to be known and loved all over the world. Together with Mary, we want to go out to the whole world with joyful news.

Have you ever thought about what mission God has prepared for you?
Are you open to accept it?
join us