The title of the amen icon

The keyword in the Icon of Trust is Mary's Amen.

The keyword in the Icon of Trust is Mary's Amen. This Word was written on Mary's neck as an ornament. The entire life of Mary was "dressed" in Amen. Mary said it not only with her mouth but with her whole life. It was Amen that was deeply inscribed in her heart, She lived it in every moment and in every situation. She was always and in everything obedient to God. She did everything out of love for Him, for His glory. Through Amen, Mary gave herself completely to God, was at His disposal, She entrusted herself to Him in joy and in suffering.


Man lost eternal life through the sin of disobedience. However, God did not leave man without help, because His Love is eternal, faithful and infinite. Still in Paradise, right after the original sin, God promised the first people - Adam and Eve, that He would send a Saviour who would be born of a woman. God chose Mary as the new Eve from among all the women living on the face of the earth, so that thanks to her Amen the coming of the Saviour into the world might be accomplished. Mary's life was filled with God. God chose Mary for a special mission, therefore He gave her the privilege of the Immaculate Conception, He freed Mary from the taint of original sin. In this way, He prepared a dignified place for His Son, who was conceived in her virginal womb.

God yearned for man who had left Him through sin. God never stops loving the sinner and waits for his return. He loved man so much that to save him from eternal death, He sent His only-begotten Son into the world. God's Son, Jesus Christ, obeyed the Father's will. He took a human body from the Virgin Mary in order to be closer to man. He was born humbly as a tiny, defenseless baby, completely dependent on His Mother. He took the form of a human being to be one of us. When Jesus walked on the Earth, He experienced the fate of people. He wanted to share the fate of the poor, hungry, homeless, suffering, despised, mocked, misunderstood, heavyhearted, abandoned and lonely man.

It is, after all, out of love for man, that He died a shameful death on the cross, like the biggest criminal. Jesus, the pure and innocent Lamb, shed His Blood for the forgiveness of our sins.