We're going on the road together

International evangelization project from Danmark for WYD in Lisbon


After the Annunciation, Mary carries Christ in her womb. God has done great things for her and all mankind. Mary focuses her full attention on her Son, Jesus Christ, who is the Son of the Most High God and the Savior of the World. She is fixed on Him. She adores him from the very first moment. She is like a living monstrance. Her soul is filled with great joy that urges Mary to share this news with others. The angel of God has visited Mary, and Mary wants to visit her relative who needs help. She carries her greatest gift - the Savior of the world.
Mary wants to help each of us meet Jesus, you and me.

Or maybe you are the person in need and you need help?

Visitation of Mary in the Icon of Amen to the whole world.
Get up and go bear witness with joy and haste, as did Mary.

We want to go on a journey with Mary in the Icon Amen

  • listening to the Word of God with openness
  • ready to respond to the light of the Holy Spirit.
  • accepting God's will with fidelity
  • surrendering to the protection of Mary and entrusting to God
  • with a sense of identity that I am a child of God
  • grateful to God for who I am
  • with the praise of God in the heart and on the lips
  • longing to meet God
  • joyfully sharing your faith with others
  • with the desire to bring the Good News of Christ to others
  • following Mary in adoration of Jesus
  • with the courage to bear witness
  • helping those in need
  • with the need to support the mission
  • praying for others, especially families, that they may be strong God
Mary, help us to hurry to do good to our neighbors, to help those in need and to proclaim the joy of the Gospel to the whole world with haste, bearing witness to faith in God with the theme of the Icon Amen.
We want to create an ICON AMEN from testimonies - photos with the Amen Icon for WYD in Lisbon 2023.
Our dream is to document these testimonies on a large screen in Lisbon for WYD 2023 as a
LIVING ICON AMEN from all over the world

Join us! Strength in the community!