Meaning of the icon

The icon consists of colored dots, which symbolize all people in the world, united with the bond of love in one family of God – the community of the Church.

Think about it because time is running out and eternity awaits.

The Holy Spirit incarnates the Son of God in the womb of the Virgin Mary.

Mary's raised hands express the veneration of God, prayer and supplication. Mary intercedes for us in Heaven.

The symbols of the evangelists. The four evangelists: Luke, Matthew, Mark and John give testimony of Christ.

The globe on a dark blue background symbolizes the world in which we live. But what is our world like today?

Full of chaos, anxiety, various threats, the fight between good and evil.

Do you see it every day?

The icon invites you to listen to the Word of God and fulfill God's Will just like Mary.

God longs for you and wants eternal happiness for you, i.e. your salvation, but do you want God?

You have free will and it is up to you whether you want to be saved! What do you choose?

The Eye of God's Providence. God watches me, longs for me and wants to connect with me.
God created the world by His WORD, but he created man with his hands, which demonstrates his unconditional love for man.
Rays with a dove symbolize the Holy Spirit descending on Mary, who is filled with God’s grace.
The hourglass: The eternal God revealed himself in human history in Jesus Christ. God is Lord over time and eternity. Times passes, eternity waits. Are you prepared to meet God?
The title of the icon, AMEN reflects Mary's words: "Let it be done to me according to Your Word." Mary is prepared to fulfil God's plan.
Mary's eyes look down, expressing humility and complete devotion to God. Her gaze is focused on her son, Jesus Christ.
Mary is as a living tabernacle. She carries Christ, who is God and Man under her heart for 9 months.
The blue colour of the dress is a symbol of Mary’s virginity, and Mary’s red cape represents her divine motherhood.
Red with the gold on the cape and a halo of 12 stars emphasizes that Mary was crowned by God as the Queen of Heaven and Earth.
Mary’s right hand, stretched out over the earth’s horizon, denotes that Mary wants to save us and calls those who find themselves in darkness.
The child Jesus, with hands outstretched: "Come to me all ..." Everyone is invited without exception.
His eyes are full of goodness, love and longing for us.
The cross means, that Jesus wants to save us because his love is infinite. Through His death on the Cross and resurrection, he restores us to eternal life.
Jesus is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. His mouth is open, because He speaks to us all the time. His Word is alive and has power.
Christ wants to ignite the fire of longing for God on earth, to make the hearts of men burn with DIVINE LOVE, which will save the world from destruction.
The word in the Gospels, is like a compass for our lives on the road to salvation. It shows us the way to God. “Repent and have faith in the Gospel”.
Hidden symbol: suffering Christ. Christ suffers because man turns away from God.
Hidden symbol: Lost man, far from God, yet Mary consoles man who has been lost.
The entire earth is surrounded by light – eternal happiness with God. It also indicates the call to holiness for every man.
Each coloured dot is a “precious pearl” from the Gospel: every man is a pearl in God’s hand, God's beloved child.